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General Information

Name: Jeet Ray
E-mail Address: jeet.ray@syvl.org
Home Address: 22 Longueuil Place, Whitby, ON, L1R 3G9
Phone Number: +1 (647) 785-0956


  • Excellent Interpersonal Skills
  • Well Organized
  • Punctual
  • 96.5 hours of volunteer work (unrelated to computer science)
  • Specialize in automation
  • Specialize in immutable infrastructure:
  • Familiar with version control systems:
  • Familiar with containerization software:
  • Familiar with backup and sync software:
  • Familiar with copy-on-write filesystems:
  • Familiar with network protocols:
    • SSH
  • Familiar with basic and specialized command-line utilities:
    • rsync
    • sd
  • Familiar with documentation formats:
    • org-mode

      Note: I'm actually writing this résumé in org-mode right now!


  • Python
    • Bakery

      Inspired by Andrew Moffat's sh module; I was so enamoured by the idea of baking an object that I created a module based entirely around that concept. Soon, however, it grew into one of my best projects yet. Here's just a small taste of what the bakery can do:

      from bakery import git, ls, tail
      cookies = "/tmp/bakery/cookies"
      git.bake_all_(_dazzle = True)
      git.clone("https://github.com/syvlorg/cookies", cookies, _ignore_stderr = True)
      git(C = cookies).log()
      tails = ls([], l = True, a = True, cookies) | tail

      This will, in order:

      1. Import git, ls, and tail from the command line
      2. Set a temporary path to clone a test repository to
      3. Set all imported utilities to print their output to the console
      4. Clone the test repository to the temporary path
      5. Display the commit log for the test repository
      6. Set the output of ls to be piped to the input of tail
      7. Display the last 10 items in the test repository
    • Oreo

      This is a module with a whole host of potentially useful functions, many of which enable the core aspects of my bakery project above; here are a few of my favorites:

      • eclair: Create a progress bar around any iterable, powered by rich (or at least my fork, richyrich):

        from oreo import eclair
        for i in eclair(range(100), "Index goes from 0 - 99!", "purple"): pass
      • recursive-unmangle: For users of hy, a lisp dialect of python, developers can use this to recursively unmangle hy names; especially useful when printing addict dictionaries:

        (import addict [Dict])
        (import oreo [recursive-unmangle])
        (setv test (Dict {})
              test.t/a 1
              test.t/b.t/c 3)
        (print "Without `recursive-unmangle':")
        (print test)
        ;; => {'hyx_tXsolidusXa': 1, 'hyx_tXsolidusXb': {'hyx_tXsolidusXc': 3}}
        (print "With `recursive-unmangle':")
        (print (recursive-unmangle test))
        ;; => {'t/a': 1, 't/b': {'t/c': 3}}

        Note: I have implemented this in my fork of rich, richyrich, where it's inspect submodule will use this when hy is installed, and inspect's Hy keyword is passed a truthy value.

      • is_either / either?: Check if any of the types of the values passed to this function are the same, or subclassed, such as an OrderedDict, an addict, and a dict:

        from addict import Dict
        from collections import OrderedDict
        from oreo import is_either
        print(is_either({}, dict))
        # => True
        print(is_either({}, Dict))
        # => True
        print(is_either({}, OrderedDict))
        # => True
        print(is_either(OrderedDict, Dict))
        # => True
        print(is_either(OrderedDict, dict))
        # => True
        print(is_either(Dict, dict))
        # => True
        print(is_either(str, dict))
        # => False
        print(is_either("Dict", Dict))
        # => False
        print(is_either("Dict", "dict"))
        # => True
      • tea: A subclass of OrderedDict, with a few extra features:

        from oreo import tea
        gensing = tea("Hello,", name = "User")
        gensing.extend("are", "you")
        gensing.glue(("?", "I", "feel", "great!"))
        # => Hello, User! How are you? I feel great!


Neena Gupta

Occupation: P. A. , Partner, Gowling WLG's Waterloo Region and Toronto offices
E-mail Address: neena.gupta@gowlingwlg.com
Phone Number: +1 (519) 577-5910

Author: Jeet Ray

Created: 2022-02-23 Wed 20:31